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Data Integration for Production Data Stores

Sync data between your production systems using an extensible, event-first experience with minimal dependencies that fit within your existing workflow for free.

Data Transformation Visual

Deliver real-time event-based data in no time

  • Simple

    Eliminate the multi-step process you go through today. Just download the binary and start building.

  • Extensible

    Conduit connectors give you the ability to pull and push data to any production datastore you need. If a datastore is missing, the simple SDK allows you to extend Conduit where you need it.

  • Real-Time

    Conduit pipelines listen for changes to a database, data warehouse, etc., and allows your data applications to act upon those changes in real-time.

  • Flexible

    Run it in a way that works for you; use it as a standalone service or orchestrate it within your infrastructure.

Get up.
Get involved.
Get into it.

The Conduit Community is the ultimate resource of information to help you get started and optimize your infrastructure to build and deploy connectors.

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Data Transformation Visual