Microservices on Kubernetes made safe, fast, and reliable

Conduit is a next-generation ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes.

Ultralight & blazingly fast

Conduit's Rust-based data plane proxies run in less than 10mb RSS and have sub-millisecond p99 latencies, providing the power of the service mesh without the cost.

End-to-end visibility

Conduit automatically measures, records, and aggregates service success rates, latencies, and request volumes, giving you an unfettered view into service behavior across your infrastructure without needing to change application code.

Security from the start

From Rust’s memory safety guarantees to TLS by default, Conduit is built to help secure cloud native environments from the ground up.

Power to the platform

Conduit pushes functionality for reliability, visibility, and security into the underlying platform, giving platform owners ownership over the end-to-end behavior of their applications.

Easy to get started

You can install Conduit on your Kubernetes cluster with just a few commands. The Conduit control plane runs in a separate namespace and services can be added and removed from the mesh incrementally.

curl https://run.conduit.io/install | bash



Conduit was successfully installed 🎉

conduit install | kubectl apply -f -



namespace "conduit" created...

conduit dashboard

Running `kubectl proxy --port=8001`... |

From the makers of

Conduit is made by the authors of Linkerd, the most widely adopted production service mesh in the world.