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Conduit comes with a number of already defined metrics. The metrics available are exposed through an HTTP API and ready to be scraped by Prometheus. It's also possible to easily define new metrics with existing types, or just create a completely new metric type.

Accessing metrics

Metrics are exposed at /metrics. For example, if you're running Conduit locally, you can fetch metrics by navigating to http://localhost:8080/metrics.

Available metrics

  • Conduit metrics: We currently have a number of high level pipeline, processor and connector metrics, all of which are defined in measure.go . Those are:

    Pipeline nameTypeDescription
    conduit_pipelinesGaugeNumber of pipelines by status.
    conduit_connectorsGaugeNumber of connectors by type (source, destination).
    conduit_processorsGaugeNumber of processors by name and type.
    conduit_connector_bytesHistogramNumber of bytes a connector processed by pipeline name, plugin and type (source, destination).
    conduit_pipeline_execution_duration_secondsHistogramAmount of time records spent in a pipeline.
    conduit_connector_execution_duration_secondsHistogramAmount of time spent reading or writing records per pipeline, plugin and connector type (source, destination).
    conduit_processor_execution_duration_secondsHistogramAmount of time spent on processing records per pipeline and processor.
  • Go runtime metrics: The default metrics exposed by Prometheus' official Go package client_golang.

  • gRPC metrics: The gRPC instrumentation package we use is promgrpc. The metrics exposed are listed here.

  • HTTP API metrics: We use promhttp, Prometheus' official package for instrumentation of HTTP servers.

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