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Stream Inspector

Conduit's stream inspector makes it possible to peek at the data as it enters Conduit via source connectors and what the data looks like as it travels to destination connectors. Keep in mind that this feature is about sampling data as it passes through the pipeline not tailing the pipeline.

Stream inspection is available via the Conduit UI and the API. To learn how to use it, please visit our stream inspector guide.

Stream inspection doesn't affect a pipeline's performance. However, if the data is being pushed through the stream very fast, it's possible that you may not see all of the records. This is done to protect Conduit's performance (by not keeping too much data in the memory) and to protect the pipeline's performance (by not blocking it until data is inspected).

Stream inspection will not be automatically stopped if the connector being inspected is stopped. This makes it possible to "catch" all the records, from the moment a connector starts. It also makes it possible to inspect records as you're potentially restarting a pipeline.