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File Connector


The Conduit File plugin provides both source and destination connectors, allowing for a file to be either a source or a destination in a Conduit pipeline.

How it works

The Source connector listens for changes appended to the source file and sends records with the changes. The Destination connector receives records and writes them to a file.


The Source connector only cares to have a valid path, even if the file doesn't exist, it will still run and wait until a file with the configured name is there, then it will start listening to changes and sending records.


The Destination connector will create the file if it doesn't exist, and records with changes will be appended to the destination file when received.


namepart ofdescriptionrequireddefault value
pathdestination, sourceThe path to the filetrue


  • The Source connector only detects appended changes to the file, so it doesn't detect deletes or edits.
  • The connectors can only access local files on the machine where Conduit is running. So, running Conduit on a server means it can't access a file on your local machine.
  • Currently, only works reliably with text files (may work with non-text files, but not guaranteed)