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Connector List

The Conduit team and our community of developers are always adding new connectors. Don't see the connector you need below? Help us prioritize by creating new issues, commenting, or leaving a +1 on our source and destination connector lists.

scarf pixel conduit-site-docs-connectors Don't have time to wait? You can get started building your own in no time.

Built-in vs Standalone

A Conduit connector can run in one of two ways: built-in or standalone. Built-in refers to connectors that are compiled into the Conduit binary, while standalone refers to connectors that run separately from Conduit. You can learn more about standalone vs built-in connectors on our Connector Behavior page. A small set of connectors are built into Conduit by default. For those connectors no additional setup is required and you can start using them in Conduit right away.

Connector Types

Source means the connector has the ability to get data from an upstream data store. Destination means the connector can write to a downstream data store.

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